Brad Paisley Falls Off Stage in S.C. (Video)

March 7, 2010

Breaking news, country hottie Brad Paisley falls off stage during a concert in South Carolina! Oh poor Brad right, wait until you see the video I have of it below, you will really feel bad for him then. I also have some nice pictures of the hunky singer.

Brad Paisley 1

It was something the audience at the North Charleston Coliseum in Charleston, South Carolina was not expecting to see, Brad Paisley falling off stage while singing his hit song Alcohol. According to Paisley fell during his closing song, he quickly got back up and finished the show. Once it was all over he was taken to a hospital in Charleston and released on Sunday morning with only some minor cuts and bruises.

Brad sent out this tweet to fans to let them know he was ok.

Just very very bruised. Nothing broken, had a ct scan all is okay!

Later he sent this tweet about how it would end up on Youtube and he wanted to see it.

Allright, whoever posts the YouTube footage of it gets a meet and greet. I have got to see it. I hit hard. And I mean freaking hard.”

Paisely also released a photo of himself in the hospital which you can see here.

If something like that had to happen at least it was good timing, not only was it the end of the show but the Saturday night concert was the last stop on Paisely’s American Saturday Night Tour with Miranda Lambert and Justin Moore.

Brad Paisely fell of the stage at his South Carolina concert last night. I watched the footage on Youtube and I have to say he goes flying. He literally took a nose dive and you could tell he was hurting when he got up. But being the true superstar he is, Brad got up and finished the show. Thankfully the country hottie is going to be just fine.

Brad Paisley 2Brad Paisley 3Brad Paisley 4Brad Paisley 5Brad Paisley 6

Photos: Devorah/Nikki Nelson/Jeff Daly/Judy Eddy

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