Elliott Yamin: ‘American Idol’ Contestant

February 28, 2010

Elliott Yamin is a former American Idol contestant and now he is also an earthquake survivor. Elliott’s story is amazing and something you are not going to want to miss. Plus there are some pictures and a video.

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Former American Idol contestant Elliott Yamin found himself in the middle of the 8.8 earthquake that shook Chile to its core on Saturday. Thankfully the singer is fine. He gave the world an insight to what was really going on via Twitter. Through a series of Tweets, Elliott let people know he was okay and what was happening in Chile. Here are just a few of the Tweets Yamin has sent since the earthquake.

Huge earthquake just now in Chile!!….I swear I thought this was the end of my life!!!!!

Complete and utter choas on the streets…no power…my heart is beatin outta my chest!….tsunami warnin…I am only a mile inland!

Hey everybody…we r totally safe and sound 4 the time being…I’m finally calmer, and dawn is approaching, which will help!..thx 4 ur prayers.

Imma Type 1 diabetic, and was sppsd 2 leave sunday.I only packed enuf insulin pump supplies 2 last til then….airports r closed!

Gotta love technology don’t you? Elliott’s tweets have caused worldwide media attention, he has even been interviewed by CNN who was monitoring Yamin’s tweets as part of their earthquake coverage. Elliott was in Chile for the Viña del Mar International Song Festival.

Elliott made a name for himself on season five of AI where he came in third place. In 2007 Yamin released his self titled debut album which included the hit song Wait For You, which really made him a household name. He also has two Christmas albums and his second album Fight For Love was released in May 2009. Clearly he has found success beyond the reality TV world, and I have to say he deserves it. I think he is a fantastic singer.

Yamin was born in Los Angles but the family moved to Richmond, Virgina when he was 11. He has been back in LA since he was on Idol and currently lives with his girlfriend model Jaime Paetz.

He discovered his love and talent for singing during his teenage years. Which is amazing given the fact that Elliott is 90% deaf in his right ear due to some serious ear infections as a child. Along with his new love of music, Yamin’s teen years also brought him the news he had Type 1 Diabetes, which clearly changed his life.

Elliott Yamin is a former American Idol contestant and now he is an earthquake survivor.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/DAS/Apega/Dimitri Halkidis

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