Nicolas Chartier, Hurt Locker Producer Sends Anti-Avatar Emails

February 28, 2010

Nicolas Chartier, Hurt Locker’s producer, caught himself in a bit of a situation this week after he allegedly tried to influence Oscar voters via email.

James Cameron

Allow me to paint you a picture of what happened the way I see it:

This guy Nicolas makes a movie called ‘Hurt Locker’ that virtually no one goes to see. It just so happens that it comes out during the same year as the blockbuster, rip the doors off of the theatre, 3D extravaganza named Avatar, which was made by the man, the myth, the legend, James Cameron (see photo above).

Avatar gets incredible attention from the mainstream, while Indie film loving movie nerds obsess over ‘Hurt Locker,’ all the while eschewing Cameron’s epic sci-fi film as a simple minded action flick.

Then, hard-right fanatics began picking away at Cameron’s film for being ‘anti-American,’ amid other fits of garbled non-sense. All of those things have made it one of the most talked about flicks in quite a while.

So, when the Academy Award Nominations were announced, Chartier’s war film was up for best-picture, along side…(cue dramatic music)….Avatar.

So what’s a misunderstood producer to do? Well, wield influence over those who decide which film wins the little golden statue, of course.

That appears to be exactly what Nicolas Chartier did, and boy does he feel badly about it. He sent emails to Academy Award voters urging them to “to cast a ballot for his film rather than ‘a $500 million film.’

That’s just the kind of snobbery that turns me off of the Oscars. It’s always the lame movies that win like ‘Capote,’ or ‘Broke-Back Mountain.’ The event has become a showcase for movie-hipsters to poo-poo movies that regular folks actually go to see, as if we’re not sophisticated enough to appreciate the lower-budget, lesser-known films.

But wait, the poor guy didn’t even read the rules. Here is his ‘apology’—

“My naiveté, ignorance of the rules and plain stupidity as a first-time nominee is not an excuse for this behavior and I strongly regret it…Being nominated for an academy Award is the ultimate honor and I should have taken the time to read the rules.”

That quote reminds me of my little brother complaining after I work him over in Monopoly: “it’s not my fault, I never read the rules.”

Hopefully after his movie is annihilated by Avatar he won’t try to say he lost because of his misstep.

What do you think?


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