Simon Monjack Angrily Refutes Missing Pills Report

February 28, 2010

Simon Monjack is all fired up after reports surfaced that a large quantity of pills went missing from the scene of Brittany Murphy’s death. Get the details here.

Simon Monjack

The very instant the 30-year-old actress was found lifeless in the shower, people suspected drugs were involved. Even before the preliminary autopsy results were released, observers pointed the finger at Monjack, claiming he pulled Murphy into a drug infused lifestyle.

He was quick to defend himself, and went so far as to suggest that he was unpopular with the media simply because he didn’t fit the mold of the kind of guy who should be with someone like her. Even Brittany’s mother defended him, saying he fought tirelessly to keep the actress from being overworked and run into the ground.

But the media seemed intent on painting a very different picture. Many blogs relentlessly pounded on Simon, pointing to a ‘change’ in her that was evident only after their relationship began.

Now things have really come to a head. TMZ reported Saturday that authorities were trying to hunt down several dozen ‘missing’ hyrdocodone pills. They claim she was prescribed 120 pills, but only 11 pills remained at the time of her death.

Here is a snippet from the original article:

“(the pills) were supposed to be taken a maximum of 4 times a day. Yet 109 of the pills were missing from the bottle when she died. If Brittany had maxed out on the prescription, only 44 pills should have been missing.”

After it was published, other more mainstream media outlets jumped on like the NY Post.

Now RadarOnline reports that Monjack is ‘furious’ over the claim. He contends that the drugs were actually prescribed to her mother Sharon as part of her cancer recovery. Now her condition is flaring up following the ‘inflammatory’ report, and she may be considering legal action.

Furthermore he pointed out that the man who wrote the script for the pills, Dr. Cohen, had never even prescribed anything to Brittany—only her mother.

Wowsers TMZ, I hope you vetted your sources on this one.

Readers, what do you think? Do you believe him, or is he covering something up?

Simon MonjackSimon MonjackSimon MonjackSimon Monjack

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