Tiger Woods’ Gatorade Deal Runs Dry

February 27, 2010

It is official, Tiger Woods’ Gatorade deal has run dry, no more endorsement deal for him. There will be no more bottles of Gatorade for the golf pro if and when he returns to the game. Tiger is dumped again and I have all the details for you, plus some pictures of him and an old commercial featuring the drink.

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Gatorade has dumped Tiger Woods, man the hits just keep on coming for him don’t they? Yep they have officially said so long and see ya later to Woods. According to E! Online this is what the drink company, which is owned by PepsiCo, spokesperson had to say on the subject.

We no longer see a role for Tiger in our marketing efforts and have ended our relationship. We wish him all the best.

Ouch and kind of a load of crap if you want my opinion.

The sports drink company is just the latest in big name company endorsement deals that Tiger has lost due to his sex scandal. However, let me be clear here that they not at all said this recent decision had anything to do with all the drama surrounding Woods. In fact in November the sports drink company discontinued his specialty “Tiger” drink. So although I think their statement is crap, again it is just my opinion, given their November decision to drop the specialty drink it is possible that the company isn’t entirely full of it.

Although it seems like companies are dropping Tiger right and left, there are a couple that are sticking with him like Nike and Electric Arts. Plus Tag Hauer and Gillette, who have decided to stick with the golf pro but use him less in their campaigns.

Tiger Woods Gatorade deal has run dry, the powers that be at the sports drink company have decided to dump Tiger. It is the end of a not so beautiful friendship apparently. There won’t be any more commercials like the one in the below video for Woods.

You know the drill, give me your thoughts on this, it’s a good one. Do you even care about this or are you just sick of hearing about Tiger?

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Photos: www.wenn.comJudy Eddy/Daniel Deme/Carrie Devorah

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