Lastonia Leviston Sues 50 Cent Over ‘Pimpin Curly’ Video

February 26, 2010

Lastonia Levistion is reportedly suing 50 Cent over a naughty video that the rapper posted on his website last year. Levistion claims that the video, which depicts her in explicit situations, has caused her emotional distress. Read more below.

50 Cent

Lastonia Leviston may be from the sunshine state, but she is trying to rain on 50’s parade.

Basically, this is how it all went down. Last year two quarters posted a video featuring the plaintiff on his website apparently without her permission. The dude featured in the flick had his face blurred out, so, nobody knows who he is. However, the alleged victim didn’t receive the same courtesy, and lets just say you can see a lot more than just her face.

Four dimes and two nickels alter ego “Pimpin Curly” narrated the video and that pimp don’t mess around. Throughout the vid you hear “Curly” bustin’ jokes, especially when Leviston shows off the initials RR, which are tattooed on her chest. Hmm…I wonder what those two letters stand for?

As a result of 45 pennies and a nickel’s most likely bad decision to post the video on, he is now facing a lawsuit, which was filed last Wednesday in Manhattan. The suit claims unlawful use of claimant’s name and image, but there is no word on how much the she is seeking.

According to, the question the court will need to answer now is: what is Leviston’s name and image worth, and was she really distressed?

This just goes to prove what I’ve been saying for years. If you’re going to make a sex tape, don’t!

What do you think about this fiasco? Who is in the right, and who is in the wrong? Share your answer with us in our comment section.

Please find pictures and a video below.

50 Cent 150 Cent

Photos: Ramos

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