Dr Drew’s ‘Sober House’ Cast Members Revealed!

February 26, 2010

Dr Drew’s ‘Sober House’ is coming soon to VH1. America’s most famous addiction specialist is going to take on yet another group of celebs in need. Get the list of cast members here.

Drew Pinsky

We’ve seen Drew Pinsky and his team work wonders before on Celebrity Rehab, taking even some of the most troubled celebs through a course of treatment, sometimes with mixed results.

But the plight of each individual makes for some of the most compelling reality television available. Rather than
watching a bunch of spoiled teenagers complain about their petty issues, we get a handful of adults with real problems who are given a shot at righting themselves.

Dr Drew’s ‘Sober House’ will take the process a step beyond rehab, and follow the cast mates as they work their way back into society. It’s easy to stay sober at a facility where you are being monitored, but can they make it in the face of all of life’s temptations?

The full list of cast members has been revealed about two weeks prior to the show’s March 11 premiere.

Here are the people we can expect to see:

Dennis Rodman, Heidi Fliess, Tom Sizemore, Jennie Ketcham, Kendra Jade Rossi, Kari Ann Peniche, Mike Starr, Seth Binzer, and house manager Jennifer Gimenez.

Now the real question becomes will the show detract from the real objective? Or will they successfully transition into society?

I’m betting it will work out for some of them, but I can see people like Kari Ann throwing things off a little. She was super dramatic on Celebrity Rehab, and sometimes her over-the-top drama got in the way of things.

What do you think—will it work out for these people? Are their problems being exploited for ratings? Give us your thoughts below.

Until then, check out some photos and video of the cast mates of Dr Drew’s ‘Sober House’ below.

Tom SizemoreKari Ann PenicheHeidi FleissDennis Rodman

Photos: www.wenn.com/Rachel Worth/Fayesvision/Apega/Agent 47/Johnny Louis

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