Chikezie Eze: American Idol Contestant Charged With Identity Theft

February 26, 2010

Is Chikezie Eze American Idol’s latest scandal? It sounds like it. The former contestant is accused of trying to pull off a shady ‘mini-heist’ at a high-end clothing retailer.

Chikezie Eze

The Former Idol hopeful is singing a different tune this week after he was cuffed and stuffed for an alleged ‘felony theft’ incident at a Neiman Marcus store in Beverly Hills.

It all went down around 10PM Thursday night when he was attempting to purchase some items. It didn’t go so well. Police described his form of payment as ‘fraudulent.’ That has led most outlets to assume that he tried to pass a fake check, or even a stolen credit card.

After briefly being held by store security he was handed over to Beverly Hills PD. He was officially charged with ‘felony identity theft.’ His bail was set at $500,000.

As of Friday morning Chikezie Eze had already made bail and is currently a free man. I guess we’ll have to wait until this thing goes to trial to see if the charges stick.

Now for a brief rant. These kinds of stories drive me over the edge. Why would you (allegedly) do something so bone-headed when you could use the notoriety you earned on Idol to possibly land a record deal? Heck, even the runners up have done very well for themselves after Idol. Why blow it over some over-priced clothes?

It reminds me of people who have a wheelbarrow full of drugs in their trunk, but don’t even bother to check if their taillights are working. Then they get pulled over for a routine traffic stop, and end up in jail for several years. It’s a good thing they get caught, but the sheer stupidity of it is staggering.

…okay I feel better now.

Do you think this incident will hinder Chikezie Eze’s career potential?

An update on the story can be found over at POPEATER!

Chikezie Eze

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