Jared Leto: Fashion Fail in London

February 26, 2010

For this week’s installment of Fashion Fail, we’re painfully placing our eyes on Jared Leto, who was spotted in London looking like he lost a bet.

Jared Leto

We’ve all done it—thrown on whatever is laying around so you can run to the corner to grab a few things. But I don’t even think that was what happened to him here. No, I’d be willing to bet this ‘creepy flasher’ get-up was what he wore the whole day.

I sat down with my esteemed colleague Jenivieve to have a little chat about what went wrong here:

Joan: Wow, where do we start…Did his grandmother knit that horrific hat?

Jen: You’re going to feel horrible if she actually did.

Joan: Well, she would be one skilled Granny, look at those perfect X’s.

Jen: LOL. I hope that’s faux fur on that jacket!

Joan: Right, it looks like he’s going to try to sell someone a watch in the park.

Jen: Those ‘skinny jeans’ look like they’re super uncomfortable…the parka makes his upper body look puffy, and the tight jeans make his lower-half seem ultra thin—very awkward.

Joan: Those Nike’s look like they came out of the dressing room backstage at an old-school Richard Simmons work out video.

Jen: I guess we should go easy, it was 1:30AM in freezing London.

Joan: Maybe he was up late writing music, and needed a snack—is that Perrier?

We gave you our opinion, now let’s hear yours. Was Jared Leto’s horrific hat the icing on an already ridiculous outfit, or is it in line with his rock-star look?

Don’t forget to check back next week for another installment of Fashion Fail. And please feel free to send us pics or links that you find of celebs who look like they may need to fire their stylist.

Jared LetoJared LetoJared LetoJared LetoJared Leto

Photos: www.wenn.com/Tony Clark

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One Response to “Jared Leto: Fashion Fail in London”

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    Selina Says:

    It was his day off, he’s on tour. Give the man a break. It was in the f****** middle of the damn night. Who cares what he wears at that time of day? No one does. Not even the Echelon does.