Andrew Koenig’s Body Found In Vancouver?

February 25, 2010

Was Andrew Koenig’s body found in Vancouver? That’s what many outlets are speculating after an unidentified body was found in a park he often visited.

Walter Judy Koenig

His parents, Judy and Walter (above), may have had their worst nightmares come to life today. After the troubled former actor turned up missing nearly a week ago, they have taken to television to try to reach out to him, including a botched appearance on Larry King Live.

It may have all been in vain after reports hit that a body was found in Stanley Park, a location authorities have been focusing on for days.

People obtained an official statement that seems to confirm the worst:

“Vancouver Police are investigating the discovery of a body found in Stanley Park around noon…The body is believed to be that of Andrew Koenig.”

Family and friends confirmed earlier this week that the ‘Growing Pains’ co-star had been struggling with depression. A neighbor of his even revealed that he had ‘cleared out his apartment,’ and even appeared to be giving away his belongings after attempting to sell them.

More details on his last known contact.

His father, who is most widely known as ‘Chekov’ on Star Trek, told a reporter that he received a note from Andrew a few days after he went missing, which he says made him seem ‘despondent.’

We reported earlier this week that his old pal Kirk Cameron joined the effort to bring him home safely, pleaded for him to make contact. His father echoed that sentiment at a presser yesterday, where he reiterated that all they want is word that he is okay.

As of press time, there is a news conference scheduled in Vancouver this evening where authorities are expected to elaborate about their find.

We can only hope that what they found wasn’t Andrew Koenig’s body. His family is in our thoughts during this difficult time.

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