Mel B: Dancing With The Stars Host?

February 25, 2010

Mel B’s Dancing With The Stars days may not be over after all. In fact, she appears to be vying for a hosting gig in the absence of Samantha Harris.

Mel B

It seems what she ‘really, really wants’ is to plop down behind the judges table and talk some smack. She certainly earned the credibility for the job after tearing it up in Season 5, and very nearly winning it all.

Maybe she could add some spice into the mix with her energetic style.

Aside from auditioning for a place on the panel, she managed to work her way into the celeb news cycle once already this month—all thanks to a zebra like hair style that makes her look like Rihanna’s momma. Would ABC be ready for that?

Mel B’s DWTS aspirations were confirmed by Access Hollywood, who managed to catch up with her on the set of her current show ‘Dance Your Ass Off.’ Even after being shown a candid photo of herself with a script from ‘Dancing’ in her hands, she wouldn’t give away too much.

She did, however, confirm that she went to a screen test, but wouldn’t reveal whether or not she was shooting for a full-time hosting spot, or just one as a ‘rotating guest-host.’

“I had fun with it…I was [screen testing] with Tom (Bergeron). It was good.”

I personally think she would be an outstanding candidate for the job. She is spunky, light-hearted, and even a bit obnoxious—the perfect cocktail of qualities for a TV show. I haven’t actually seen ‘DYAO’ on Oxygen, but from what I’ve read she is doing a fantastic job, and loving it.

What do you think? Is she a good fit for the job, or did you already get enough of her back in season 5?

For more on Mel B’s Dancing With The Stars hosting hopes, check here.

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Photos: Connor/Judy Eddy

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