Frankie Muniz – ‘You Hang Up’ Drummer?!

February 24, 2010

Frankie Muniz the Rockstar? Yes my friends you read it correctly, the former Malcolm In The Middle star is now a drummer for the band You Hang Up. Who knew that Frankie knew how to rock, not me, there is more on Muniz’s new career including some pictures and a video too.

Frankie Muniz 1

Rocker Frankie Muniz recently gave an interview to Pop Eater regarding his new career and whether or not music will replace acting. Well for those of you who are fans of his acting, his new music venture will not replace his acting career. The Agent Cody Banks star fully intends to still act and race cars while playing with the band, sounds like he is going to be one busy guy.

So who the heck is You Hang Up? Well, as Frankie explained in the interview they are an unsigned band from Arizona. Apparently the lead singer of the band saw a video of Muniz jamming out on his Myspace page and decided to get in touch with Muniz’s girlfriend. Frankie listened to their music and the rest is history. He has literally been with the band for two months. He has even played in a couple of small gigs with them. This is a very new venture for Frankie, one he has high hopes for. Currently he and the rest of the group are writing some new music and in the process of recording some songs.

It sure seems like Frankie knows what he wants and he is going after it. Now I have never been a huge fan of his but I admit I am very intrigued by his new band. I love new unheard of bands. Plus it will be interesting to see what comes of his new band. If you want to read the full Pop Eater interview with Muniz click here, it is really good.

Frankie Muniz is the new drummer for the band You Hang Up, what do you think about that?

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Photos: www.wenn.comNikki Nelson/Julie Ramos/Apega/Rachel Worth

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