Derek Hough: Cheryl Cole’s Rebound Man?

February 23, 2010

Is Dancing With The Stars hottie Derek Hough Cheryl Cole’s rebound man? Well I don’t know if you can call him a rebound man yet but there is certainly something going on with these two (allegedly of course), keep reading I have some juicy details on Derek and Cheryl including pictures and a video.

Cheryl Cole 1Derek Hough 1

The Daily Mail is reporting that Cheryl was being comforted by the DWTS hottie Hough quite a bit during her recent visit to Los Angeles. Allegedly Derek spent an evening at Cheryl’s Beverly Hills hotel, leaving at like 4am. Now the report is also calling Derek a close friend of Cole’s but like that ever means what it is supposed to mean.

Hough and Cole supposedly became close after he danced with her on her ITV Christmas special. So close that he is going to star in her upcoming video Parachute.

There are plenty of reports about Cole and Hough including one in The Sun which states that Derek Hough and Cheryl Cole have been dating since she walked out on her allegedly lying cheating husband Ashley Cole. Again it is The Sun, so consider the source. I mean we know that Derek basically spent the night at her hotel (again, allegedly) but that is it folks. I guess there is the slight chance they could actually be friends I suppose, however I say after what she has been through recently if Derek Hough is Cheryl Cole’s rebound man then more power to her. He is a little hottie and I personally think a step up slightly from her husband, but hey that is just my opinion.

Ok so this is quite the hot topic now and I want to know what you think, of course. Are Cheryl and Derek just friends, or is Derek Cheryl’s rebound guy, let me know your thoughts? To help you make up your mind I have quite the smoking hot video of the two below.

Cheryl Cole 2Derek Hough 2Cheryl Cole 3Derek Hough 3Cheryl Cole 4Derek Hough 4

Photos: M. Barraza

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