Fantasia Barrino is Threatened in Fan Mail

February 20, 2010

Since her stardom to fame, Fantasia is threatened in fan mail after receiving a piece of hate mail after a performance in Broadway’s The Color Purple. Find out more details and see photos and a video here.

Fantasia Barrino 1

It appears as if this unidentified person is presumably not of fan of former American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino.

According to reports, Fantasia performed last night in Los Angeles at the Pantages Theater. Following the show, she discovered a piece of alleged hate mail that included threatening remarks toward the singer. It is said that the writer used “racial slurs” and noted that this person was a former security guard for Fox during her season of American Idol.

Barrino’s manager mentioned that aside from the prejudiced notation, one line suggested the singer to “Go back (to) where you came from and die.” However, this is not going to stop the young star from doing what she loves, performing. Fantasia shared, “I will not be defeated by one isolated person’s hatred.”

It is said that police were immediately informed and security are to be taking extra precautions surrounding the venue. Also, everything that is delivered to her dressing room will reportedly be inspected beforehand.

About Broadway’s The Color Purple Fantasia said, “It was the first Broadway play I had ever seen and then I end up in it,” adding, “It’s been a journey. It’s been and experience for me that I won’t ever forget.” The Color Purple will appear throughout the month until February 28th.

Well, isn’t that some interesting news but the show must go on! Let’s hope that this is just a one-time stint. After all, the American Idol winner did earn her spot in fame, you go girl! Leave us your thoughts about the fact that Fantasia Barrino is threatened in fan mail in the comment box. Also, see pictures and a film below.

Fantasia Barrino 2Fantasia Barrino 3Fantasia Barrino 4
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