Mike Comrie is Hilary Duff’s Fiance

February 19, 2010

Do I hear wedding bells? Yes I do! It is said that Edmonton Oilers star Mike Comrie is Hilary Duff’s fiance! Reports are saying that the couple are now engaged and they couldn’t be more excited! Find out more revealing details and see photos and a video here.

Mike Comrie 1

How fitting, the month of Valentine’s Day and another love story. Hilary Duff, 22, and Mike Comrie, 29, will say their “I do’s”. Cheers!

As a biography, Michael William Comrie was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on September 11, 1980 so his age is 29. He is a member of the National Hockey League for the Edmonton Oilers.

According to reports, Hilary Duff’s fiance popped the question while on vacation in Maui, Hawaii to longtime girlfriend. Fortunate for us, the paparazzo’s were able to witness this special moment. The couple first started their whirlwind romance back in 2007. Reportedly, Comrie got down on bended-knee and asked Hilary to be his wife. She of course cheerfully accepted. It is said that she could be seen out on the balcony admiring her engagement ring.

A source close the the couple confirms with E! News the happily-ever-after news while her mother supposedly chuckled when she initially heard the news as news broke this week, however, I’m sure she is quite pleased.

A congratulations is in order. The ice is nice for some reason. This is now the second engagement involving a singer and hockey player. Back in December, country starlet Carrie Underwood and her hockey-playing fiance Mike Fisher announced their engagement, as well.

Mike Comrie is Hilary Duff’s fiance and love of her life, so exciting! I wish you both the best in your future! You may leave your congrats in the comment box. Also, see pictures and a film below.

Mike Comrie 2Mike Comrie 3Mike Comrie 4
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Photos: Adriana M. Barraza/www.wenn.com, www.wenn.com

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