Simon Cowell, Mezhgan Hussainy Engaged?

February 18, 2010

Are Simon Cowell and Mezhgan Hussainy engaged? Well that seems to be the rumor of the day and depending on who you ask the answer is yes or no. Could it really be true, Simon settling down? You will have to read on and decide for yourself, plus I have some pictures and a video too!

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Is he or is he not engaged, that seems to be the question everyone is asking Simon Cowell. His lady love Mezhgan Hussainy was recently seen sporting a very nice ring on the ever important ring finger after Valentines Day weekend. However, according to US Magazine, well more like Simon’s publicist, is claiming that he is not engaged and that reports of his engagement are false. Simon’s publicist Max Clifford did confirm that Cowell and Hussainy are in fact dating.

If the couple is not engaged then what sparked the recent rumors, other than Hussainy’s bling, well a couple of things. First according to Simon called Mezhgan “The One” on a recent television appearance. That coupled with the fact that British music manager and Simon’s pal Louis Walsh is spreading the rumor that the duo is engaged, well according to Perezhilton anyway. Sounds to me like Simon or someone in Simon’s camp needs to have a chat with Mr. Walsh.

The real question here is, are they really engaged and Cowell’s publicist is full of crap, it certainly is a possibility. Since the twosome has barely admitted they are dating do you really think they would want the world to know they are engaged, I think not. So there is the possibility that Lois Walsh is correct and the couple is engaged but they just want to keep it under wraps. However, there is also the possibility that Cowell’s publicist is telling the truth, which does happen occasionally with publicist.

Ok so let me have it, do you think Simon Cowell and Mezhgan Hussainy are engaged or do you think the whole thing is one big fat rumor?

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Photos: www.wenn.comTony Clark/Daniel Deme/Steve Searle

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