Chris Golightly is American Idol Top 24 Contestant

February 18, 2010

Meet Chris Golightly. You may already recognize the name and you are sure to recognize his face. He is American Idol Top 24 contestant and has received some very disappointing news. Find out more revealing details and see photos and a video here.

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As a biography, Chris Golightly is a shoe salesman from Los Angeles, California and is 25 years old. He is a self-proclaimed orphan. Since the age of 18 months, he grew up in Foster care and has lived with more than 25 families throughout his upbringing. Music is very inspiring and influential to his life. He is hopeful to become a successful artist someday. Aside from music, he enjoys hiking, swimming, writing, and sky diving. He recently earned a spot on this season’s American Idol’s Top 24.

Following the declaration of American Idol’s Top 24 last night, host Ryan Seacrest made another unfortunate announcement in the disqualification of Chris Golightly, American Idol Top 24 contestant. Seacrest tweeted via Twitter noting, “been determined that Chris Golightly is ineligible to continue on IDOL, contestant Tim Urban has replaced Golightly as part of the Top 24,” adding that he “must have broken a rule or maybe had previous deal.”

What a bummer. As upsetting as it should be, Golightly was disqualified apparently due to a “previous contract with a boy band”. The American Idol Top 24 contestant disputed the allegation, saying that the contract closed in June of 2009, therefore, it was not binding at the time he auditioned, reportedly a month later. Moreover, because Golightly earned his spot in the top 46, disheartening news suggests that he allegedly will not be able to audition next year.

All for nothing? It appears so. It is said that Golightly discontinued his apartment lease and even sold his vehicle to make up for the charges in lieu of his apartment agreement. Then, he received a phone call from a source stating that he was still under contract that he disputed but could not retrieve his release statement. Following numerous calls between Idol executives and Chris on Wednesday, the Idol hopeful was devastated to find out that he was being disqualified from the show regarding failure of proof. Whereas, his former manager eventually discovered the necessary confirmation, but by then, it was too late.

Wow, what a disaster. I hope Chris Golightly, American Idol Top 24 contestant, can work even harder to return in two seasons, and prove his talent and drive in much better circumstances. He was really good! Leave your thoughts in the comment box. Also, check out his video and see pictures below.

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