Brian Lee Smith, Vienna Girardi’s Ex-Boyfriend – Trouble Letting Go?

February 18, 2010

Trouble letting go? As the finale of “The Bachelor” approaches, Brian Lee Smith, Vienna Girardi’s ex-boyfriend has been in the news as of lately. As the final rose is about to be given to one of two of the remaining ladies, who do you think actually deserves one? Find out more details and see photos and a video here.

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Vienna Girardi and Tenley Molzahn are in the running to receive the final rose and Jake Pavelka’s heart. But there seems to be contradicting stories that reflect on Vienna, in not such a good way…will Jake make the right choice? I sure hope so.

According to numerous reports, a new scandal unfolds as it has been said that since Vienna has returned home from the filming of The Bachelor, she is rumored to be “stalking” her ex-boyfriend, Brian Lee Smith. Obviously their relationship was not over when Smith was taken into custody on October 10, 2009 for allegedly trespassing at her parents’ house, days before she she was to leave for the show’s taping. Even though it is said that Vienna was not in love with Smith, it was reported that her ex-boyfriend was having trouble letting go?

It is rumored that the young fame-hungry hopeful is said to be living a double-life, which doesn’t surprise me at all. A few people who know Vienna firsthand chime in and share their feelings on her. For instance, her ex-boyfriend Brad Allen said, “Vienna Girardi is really fake. Both her body and her personality.” While her former mother-in-law, Gale Riley, reported that “She’s all about climbing the ladder and stepping on whomever she has to get there. She is not looking for a husband. She is looking to promote herself.” Following comment from a former co-worker who said, “She was always looking for her big break. She was the kind of person who would always try out for a Hooters calendar.” Moreover, another source claimed, “She was just on “The Bachelor” to be famous…She never thought she’d make it so far.”

As of the latest, a source reported that Vienna is apparently “obsessed” with her ex-boyfriend, Brian Lee Smith, believably keeping the lines of communication open during and after the filming of The Bachelor. After finishing up taping, she reportedly had a mission to get him back. You may be wondering, well why would more than one person have something negative to say about Girardi? Coincidence?

A friend of Vienna’s mentioned that when Vienna was chosen as a contestant to appear on the next season of The Bachelor, is when she decided to ditch her boyfriend revealing that “she is pretty much over it”.

These are some harsh accusations for Vienna to challenge. The next airing of the show is “The Women Tell All”. Maybe we can get some more insight on Vienna. There has got to be a reason why the other ladies were not fond of Girardi, don’t you think?

Trouble letting go? Leave us your thoughts about Brian Lee Smith, Vienna Girardi’s ex-boyfriend in the comment box. Also share your feelings on who you think the Bachelor chose to be his future-wife!

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