Alexander McQueen’s Death is Ruled a Suicide

February 17, 2010

Well it has been reported that British Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen’s death is ruled a suicide. Find out more saddening details and see photos and a video here.

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It is now certain that the 40-year old fashion icon died from asphyxiation and hanging, confirmed by British coroners.

According to reports, McQueen was found dead on February 11th, in his luxury apartment at around 5:30 a.m. It is said that police revealed his death was not suspicious since a note was found written by the late fashion designer. Authorities did not offer any details of what was written in the note. However, McQueen’s body was found just a day before the scheduled funeral of his mother, Joyce. His sister Janet apparently identified his body following his death.

Moreover, a press conference was held in which everyone was asked to respect the privacy of the McQueen family, sharing that this is a “grievous double loss in a very short space of time.” At this meeting, it was revealed that McQueen’s body was found hanging in his closet inside his London apartment. Sadly, since the loss of his beloved mother, he publicly shared his feelings of devastation via Twitter regarding his mother’s death and the troubles surrounding his grief.

Evan though he was brilliant in the works of fashion, McQueen was contrarily known as “enfant terrible” and “the hooligan of English fashion” for his controversial reputation. However, he was deeply loved and idolized by so many.

Alexandra Shulman, British Vogue Editor, commented that McQueen was a “modern-day genius” whose “brilliant imagination knew no bounds.”

His honors also include a prestigious title given by Queen Elizabeth who awarded him “as a commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire”.

So there you have the results, Alexander McQueen’s death is ruled a suicide. Such sad news. My prayers go out to all of those who loved him. He will be missed. Leave your thoughts in the comment box and see pictures and a film below.

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