Kevin Eubanks is “The Tonight Show” Bandleader and Sidekick

February 16, 2010

Kevin Eubanks is “The Tonight Show” bandleader and sidekick, however, he has reportedly decided to leave the “King of Late Night” altogether. Find out more details and see photos and a video here.

Kevin Eubanks 1

I’m sure Jay will be in search of another bandleader for his show, since Kevin Eubanks has decided to go Jay-walking. But who could really replace Kev?

As a biography, Kevin Eubanks was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 15, 1957 so his age is 52. He is a talented musician, most-known for his gig as Jay Leno’s bandleader and sidekick on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” from 1995-2009.

Jay Leno is set to make his return back to The Tonight Show following the Olympic Games and it is said that “it will be as if the past eight months had never happened.” That may be true, but now late night has lost another, The Tonight Show bandleader and sidekick, Kevin Eubanks.

What is Jay going to do? Eubanks has been a part of the show for years! A source shared that cool and calm Kevin decided to leave because he “wanted a change”. It is said that the musician was in search of other options. However, a different source says that he will be a part of the new Tonight Show when it is set to air on March 1st.

Let’s just assume there are no guarantees on whether Eubanks will appear with Jay Leno and its comeback, but it will certainly be interesting if not. Who knows? Maybe Kev and Conan can hook up and work out some sort of a business deal. Now wouldn’t that be something?

Leave us your thoughts about Kevin Eubanks, The Tonight Show bandleader and sidekick in the comment box. Also, see pictures and film below.

Kevin Eubanks 1 1Kevin Eubanks 2 1Kevin Eubanks 3 1
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Photos: Katherine Christine/Dimitri Halkidis/ Nikki Nelson/

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