Black Eyed Peas: Imma Be Music Video

February 16, 2010

The Black Eyed PeasImma Bemusic video has finally hit the web and we have the amazing ten minute video, along with pictures and lyrics here.

black eyes peas

It seems that with each album the Black Eyed Peas not only grow as artists but come out with funky music that far surpasses their previous records. You can definitely see their growth from album to album. Their most recent album, The E.N.D. is no different.

Their latest hit, and fourth single off of their album, “Imma Be” has climbed the charts reaching number one for digital songs and number two on the Billboard Hot 100.

There are really two elements to the music video – the video itself and the actual song. Either one alone would be enjoyable, but combine them together, and it is one of the better videos we have seen in a long time. One thing I appreciate is the time they spent with the song and video. Artists just don’t do that any more and it really brings a lot to the creative vibe of the music video.

The video starts off with the group sitting around talking about the future of music and arguing about using machines. Then Fergie gets upset and takes off on her BMW motorcycle where she crashes and has a “great idea for a video.” The video then goes all futuristic with Fergie sporting a sliver and black unitard type thing and Louboutins. It is complete with Transformer looking robots dancing around and the group rockin to their beat.

The song itself is interesting. It is like hearing many different versions of the same song. First it goes future, then a bit of jazzy instrumental version, the some 80’s pop, and techno drum and bass vibe. Overall the song is catchy as is the music video which was filmed on January 13, 2010 by Rich Lee. “Imma Be” lyrics can be found here.

Check out pictures of the group below and enjoy the 10:15 minute “Imma Be” music video and leave us your thoughts!

UPDATE: Since I wrote this post every single video has been removed for copyright infringement. I will keep looking and update when I find it again. The video below is from the Grammy’s.

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Photos: Daly

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