Gia Allemand is “The Bachelor” Contestant

February 15, 2010

Rumor has it that Gia Allemand is “The Bachelor” contestant, but could possibly be dating behind the scenes. The Bachelor, this season has been full of surprises. Find out more revealing details and see photos and a video here.

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Well, Jake Pavelka may have some more drama to unfold. Rumors are swirling about New York’s Gia Allemand and her status as a bachelorette. A boyfriend, perhaps?

As a biography, Gia Allemand was born and raised in Queens, New York. She is 26 years old. She is most known for her appearance on the reality television series “The Bachelor”. She is one of three remaining woman who are vying for the love of this season’s, The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka. Since she was a baby, Gia has modeled on and off throughout her upbringing. Growing up, she participated in ballet and by the age of 12, she advanced within top ballet companies like: Jeoffrey, Ballet Long Island, and Ohio Dance Theater, etc. She has won numerous beauty pageants and swimsuit competitions, including a magazine spread in Maxim magazine in June of 2007. You can see Gia in various swimsuit calendars/catalogs, commercials, billboards, and music videos. Romantically, she was once engaged to Yankees pitcher Carl Pavano.

It appears that “The Bachelor” contestant may already have a man, by the name of Dominick Pierno. It is said that he says the couple have been dating “on-and-off” for the past two year, and yet, he did not comment on the status of their relationship, nor if they were “on-again” during the taping of the show last fall.

According to reports, when Jake visited Gia’s hometown, she and her family shared that Allemand was incredibly hurt by a past boyfriend who is said to have cheated on her. This may explain her cautiousness in being herself, in opening her heart to Pavelka. Gia admits that, “It’s a big struggle that I’m dealing with on the show while trying to fall in love with Jake.” I can understand that, but are you sure that’s the issue?

If that’s not enough, apparently the tables have turned and her alleged boyfriend back home has shared, “She was on the show and said she broke up with me. Meanwhile, we had dinner at Philippe the other night.”

You will not want to miss tonight’s episode. Reportedly, Jake will take his remaing three on a romantic one-on-one date in the Caribbean island, St. Lucia. He says that it will be a spicy scene to “fire off a good, fruitful relationship.”

There is so much drama to unfold with the possibility that Ali makes a comeback appearance? Stay tuned!

I wonder if she will receive a rose in tonight’s rose ceremony? What do you think? Leave your thoughts about “The Bachelor” contestant, Gia Allemand, in the comment box.

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