Doug Fieger – The Knack Lead Singer, Dies at 57

February 15, 2010

The Knack lead singer Doug Fieger has died at age 57 losing his battle with lung and brain cancer. There is more on the sad death of Doug including a video of him and his band performing.

The Knack  1

According to the New York Post the lead singer of the 70’s hit band had been battling lung and brain cancer for many years. In 2006 he underwent surgery to remove two tumors from his brain. He died yesterday at age 57 at his home in Woodland Hills, California. Doug formed the group in 1978 and they quickly became a hit in clubs throughout Los Angeles.

Now if you are like me you might be like who the heck is The Knack, well let me just say this, My Sharona. I knew that would ring some bells with you. As soon as I heard the name of that hit song I was like “oh yeah now I know what band we are talking about.” There have been many a times I danced my you know what off to that song. It was a hit back in the late 70’s and to me is now considered a classic. I mean seriously who doesn’t know the words to that song? Some of you may remember the song from the 90’s cult hit film Reality Bites, which revitalized it.

Although Doug and the guys continued to release songs and albums into the early 2000’s they never quite had the success that they did early on in their career. As I was reading about the death of Fieger I learned from MSNBC that the song My Sharona was actually about one of Doug’s ex-girlfriends who he spent four years with.

Whether you really remember The Knack or you just know their mega hit rock anthem My Sharona, it is a sad day with the loss of their lead singer Doug Fieger.

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