Ali Fedotowsky: The Bachelor’s Big Surprise Return?

February 15, 2010

Is Ali Fedotowsky The Bachelor’s next big surprise? She could be, because word on the street is that she’s making an unexpected return.

ali Fedotowsky

If you’ve been following this season, you can vouch for one thing: the show has been relying on twists and turns to keep viewers plugged in. The list is long and obnoxious, but I’ll recap it anyway:

First, there was the ‘scandal’ between Rozlyn Papa and a producer who were apparently shagging. Then, there were the rumors that contestant Tenley Molzahn was pregnant. Next came the whole question of whether or not Corrie Adamson is still a virgin. And finally, there is the claim that Gia Allemand has a boyfriend.

What next, is Jake really a woman?

That remains to be seen, but this latest ‘shocker’ is not so scandalous after all. There was a great deal of hype surrounding last week’s episode as viewers were told that a sudden revelation would leave Jake ‘heart-broken.’ But all that really happened was that Ali up and left the show, claiming she would be returning to her job at home.

So what could this week’s big surprise be? Well, judging from the sneak-peek video below, Ali Fedotowsky’s ‘The Bachelor’ days aren’t quite over yet. That’s right, according to her, she just couldn’t bear the thought of losing the opportunity to find true love with Jake, and could be jumping back into the mix.

The teaser begins with a despondent looking Ali, laying in bed with pictures of Jake scattered about the nightstand.

Soon after she says:

“…every day that I’m away from him, my heart just breaks a little bit more.”

Let’s just say that I’m not convinced that the whole thing isn’t manufactured. The clip looks and feels like a low-budget chick-flick, complete with bad acting and awkward dialogue.

It ends with a befuddled Jake listening intently as Ali reveals that “(she) wants to come back.”

But will he tolerate such nonsense? Tune in tonight to find out.

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