Asian Girl Grows Up (Video)

May 7, 2007

Here is the video of a young Asian girl who blossoms into a provocative, sexy woman. What a beautiful and artistic video. I love it.

Girl Grows Up

Did you know that Asia’s lovers rate sex far less highly than those elsewhere around the globe, spend less time having intercourse and are not as likely to reach orgasm? This important information is from a survey conducted about sexuality in the world.

Asians are the least satisfied with their sex lives, especially in Japan. Boo.

India’s lovers are the world’s quickest, taking 13.2 minutes per session compared to the global average of 18.3 minutes. Remind me not to visit Club Med in Bombay.

Speaking of India, I wonder what Aishwarya Rai is doing right now?

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One Response to “Asian Girl Grows Up (Video)”

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    pradeep Says:

    i would like to see the girls in nude.especialy when they take bath.