Joy Philbin is Regis Philbin’s Wife

February 12, 2010

The beautiful Joy Philbin is Regis Philbin’s wife. I know most of you probably already new that but did you know her full name is Bette Joy Senese Philbin? I have more fabulous tid bits about Joy Philbin below, plus pictures and a video of her and hubby Regis singing on The David Letterman show the other night.

Joy Philbin 1

Before I get into all the who she is, I want to take a second to talk about Joy and Regis Philbin’s appearance on The David Letterman Show. Now I didn’t watch the actual episode, however I was reading an article on which alluded to the fact that both Regis and Jay have had plastic surgery. So I go to watch the video and they totally both have had work done. Now this isn’t really a shock but what was a little shocking is how good Joy looks, she is certainly no plastic Heidi. I would never have guessed that she is 69, her birthday was February 1st.

Joy has had quite the career, she has hosted shows like Haven and At Home With, sometimes she will even appear as a guest host with Regis on Live With Regis and Kelly. Joy has made guest appearances on several television shows such as Mad About You, Malibu Express and Hope & Faith as herself. She has even had cameos in movies like Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous and Night and the City. There is more to Joy than being a host and making guest appearances, she is also a singer. She has even released a couple of CD’s with her husband.

She may have quite the career, but Joy also has quite the family life. Joy and Regis have been married almost 40 years, isn’t that amazing. Not only have they been married that long but they sing together, work on shows together, that is a lot of togetherness but clearly it works for them. The couple have two daughters Jennifer and Joanna and one grandson William.

Joy Philbin is Regis Philbins wife and I think she is quite the interesting lady. Sure she may have had some plastic surgery and she may be a little kooky at times but hey if you were married to Regis don’t you think you might be a little kooky too!

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Photos: Filmano/HRC

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