Lindsay Lohan’s Purple Magazine Crucifixion (Photos)

February 12, 2010

Lindsay Lohan’s Purple Magazine Crucifixion cover is bound to make a lot of people really mad and I am not at all surprised that Lindsay did a cover like this. This is going to be one hot topic so keep reading to learn more about the controversial cover, plus I have photos and a video of Lindsay too.

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In case you haven’t seen Lindsay Lohan’s Purple Magazine Crucifixion cover, let me tell you about it. The cover features Lindsay dressed in a white robe as if she was Jesus Christ, thorns on her head and all, with her arms out to the sides in a crucifixion like pose. Basically she is attempting to imitate Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. Talk about bad taste, especially since Lent is just a few weeks away.

You won’t fully understand what I am talking about until you see the cover so click here to view the extremely distasteful cover. Alright now that you did that let me keep going on about Lindsay’s new controversy. The cover is awful, it was a terrible idea and it is offensive. Lyndsay is a disaster and to have her pose this way is so beyond inappropriate.

I want to know what is up with Lindsay recreating or imitating people for magazine covers. I get why the magazines allow covers like this because it creates great buzz for the magazine which turns into higher magazine sales. But really Lindsay you are not Jesus or Marilyn Monroe so stop trying to imitate them, it will not help your career.

Well Lindsay certainly likes to be the center of attention and it looks like she is getting her way. I wonder what crazy stunt Lindsay will pull next? I guess when your acting career is in the toilet you have to keep coming up with new ways to keep yourself in the spotlight, Lindsay is definitely good at that.

You know my thoughts on the subject, I think the cover is ridiculous, but I want to know your thoughts on Lindsay Lohan’s Purple Magazine Crucifixion cover. I know you have an opinion on it so tell me!

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Photos: Wright/FayesVision/Hugh Dillon

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