Portia De Rossi: Advocate Magazine Cover and Interview

February 8, 2010

Before Portia De Rossi became the wife of Ellen DeGeneres, she was known as the hot blond on the small screen and enjoyed what she refers to as the “quiet” life. In an interview with Advocate magazine, De Rossi talks being married to Ellen, being a feminist, her new book and her experience with eating disorders. Read more of the highlights from the interview here.

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Portia De Rossi graces the cover of Advocate Magazine for the March 2010 issue. And let me tell you, girlfriend is looking glam and fabulous! Ellen DeGeneres’ wife dishes on her life now as a happily married gay woman and her desire to get that Arrested Development movie going (as we all do)!

About being an advocate for the gay community, De Rossi says,

“I think it’s up to us to save marriage. Up to gay people across the country, seeing as though we’re fighting for it so vehemently. This whole thing has been a wave of excitement and hope, and then it gently falls back into despair. And then it picks us up again. Unfortunately, we’re the ones who have to suffer this—this humiliation, really. There’s kind of a dignity that’s been stripped from us. Gay people are the ones who have to suffer through it—but without it, it won’t change.”

About her marriage to Ellen, Portia shares,

“I thought I’d feel more blasé about it, more comfortable. But it’s the complete opposite—I’ve become a lot less selfish. I’m constantly thinking about her needs and our needs as a team. It’s a lovely, symbiotic partnership. Who knew marriage could be like that? I’d only heard bad things about it.”

And what about that Arrested Development movie? Portia says, “We all want a movie to happen. Just write it already!” We wholeheartedly agree, Portia! Somebody needs to get busy and write!

Check out the Portia DeRossi Advocate cover and full interview here.

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Photos: Apega/www.wenn.com

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