Charlie Sheen To Accept Plea Bargain?

February 8, 2010

By now the whole world knows that Charlie was due in court today to face charges for his part in the Christmas Day drama with wife Brooke Mueller. However what you may not know is that word on the street is that Charlie might agree to a plea bargain which would prevent him from having to go to trial. I have more on this latest development in the Charlie Sheen case below including some pictures and a video of Charlie in happier times.

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In case you were unaware Charlie Sheen was to be charged with felony menacing and misdemeanor assault today when he was arraigned in Aspen. According to TMZ Charlie would be willing to accept a plea bargain but only if the charge involved a misdemeanor. However even if a plea agreement is reached it will be months before the plea is actually entered which means anything can happen.

So basically today’s hearing is to formally charge Charlie and it will most likely be months before anything happens whether it be a plea bargain or trial. I personally think Charlie should go the plea bargain route, a trial is never a good thing, especially for a celebrity. Plus given Charlie’s past I would think he would want to avoid a trail.

I assume if you are reading this you already know that Charlie and Brooke had a Christmas Day incident that resulted in his arrest. A protective custody order was granted at the time, but since then Brooke has had the order revised so the couple can focus on their marriage.

The Charlie/Brooke marriage drama has been one hot topic lately. Now with the latest development that Charlie may accept a plea bargain, I want to know your thoughts on the subject. Do you think it is smart for Charlie Sheen to plea bargain or take his chances on a trial or do you even care, let me know.

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Photos: Nelson/Jody Eddy/Chris Connor/Adriana M. Barraza

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