Carrie Prejean is Engaged to Kyle Boller

February 7, 2010

Some positive press for Carrie Prejean is in order! Imagine that! E! news is reporting that the beauty queen is officially off the market, as in getting hitched. So, is Carrie Prejean engaged to Kyle Boller? Apparently that is what we are hearing. Read more here.

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A congratulations is in order as Carrie Prejean is engaged to Kyle Boller. We are wondering what Perez Hilton has to say about this as we all know Prejean and Hilton are pretty close to best friends forever…or not. Okay, okay, sure Carrie and Kyle have only been dating since July of 2009, but the couple is apparently in love and ready to walk down the aisle of destiny. Will a wedding actually take place or is just another public relations stunt?

Well, according to E! News, “A source says that the two decided to make their whirlwind romance official Saturday in Prejean’s hometown of San Diego — here the Rams QB also has a house and spends time during the off-season.”

There has not been official word as to when Prejean and her man will tie the knot, but we are hoping that controversy stays out of this wedding ceremony because we all know Prejean is a magnet when it comes to controversy, right?

For those of you who didn’t know, Prejean has been in the center of numerous scandals starting with her statement against same-sex marriage (a question asked by judge Perez Hilton) at the Miss USA pageant. In addition to that scandal, semi-nude photos of Prejean went public and questions of whether a sex tape existed became the media’s concern.

Well, thank gawd for some positive press for once, Miss Prejean! To this and your engagement we say, big fat Congratulations to Carrie Prejean and Kyle Boller! Here’s to a non-controversial marriage and lifetime together!

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