Is Jon Gosselin Broke?

February 7, 2010

Is Jon Gosselin broke? Well that is certainly what he wants TLC to think. Apparently the former reality TV star and father of eight is claiming that he is too broke to fight TLC in the now infamous breach of contract lawsuit. So is Jon really broke or is he just trying to get one over on the network that made him famous? More on the latest Jon Gosselin news below along with some pictures and a video that shows Jon well being Jon.

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In what is a typical Jon Gosselin move, according to TMZ Gosselin is claiming he is too broke to fight TLC in the breach of contract lawsuit battle and that Jon is now looking for a way to settle with the network. Given the fact that TLC is currently able to stop Jon from working, that pesky non compete clause, it is no wonder Jon is now looking for a way to settle. Hello he can’t make any money right now and we all know Kate isn’t sharing her dough with him.

TMZ further reports that the only way TLC will settle with Gosselin is if he will agree to abide by the original contract, which means TLC owns him and he can’t do any media that isn’t set up by TLC. Wow this could present quite a dilemma for the media mongering Gosselin who loves the spotlight but also loves money too, I wonder which one he loves more? Personally if I was TLC I would fight him all the way, you know Gosselin can’t be trusted he is a total douche-bag.

I wouldn’t put it past Gosselin to claim broke to get out of having to pay more money in the lawsuit, but I don’t buy that he is actually broke. I think he just doesn’t want to fork over any of his cash to TLC, but hey that is just my opinion.

You have my two cents now let me know yours, do you think Jon Gosselin really is broke or do you think he is a big fat liar, let me know.

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Photos: Martinez/JDH/JCP

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