Ashton Kutcher on SNL (Video)

February 7, 2010

Ashton Kutcher made his return to SNL last night February 6th, 2010. For his fourth appearance, Kutcher proved that even though he is 32 years old, he may not be as mature as he should be. Read more about Ashton Kutcher on SNL here and see video of his fabulous monologue that had the crowd laughing.

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Sure he may be the King of Twitter, but could he be the King of SNL monologues? Eh, maybe not, but I must admit last night’s Saturday Night Live monologue was pretty freakin’ hilarious. Ashton Kutcher served as host and rocked the monologue with an ending in his underwear. Sound familiar? Of course it does because the funny man sported his skivvies back in 2003 during his first SNL appearance.

In his monologue, Ashton attempted to show off as he tried to be calm, cool and mature. A mature Ashton? Ha! However, in the end we saw that Kutcher is still the same ole guy with the childlike humor. With the other skits on his SNL appearance, Kutcher played the part of a man who has a taste in older women which wasn’t that tough obviously. Hilarious? Yes, most definitely.

Kutcher’s SNL return also had him playing Mel Gibson in a View parody sans the curse words, of course. In addition to Gibson, Kutcher also spoofed Billy Bush in a skit of Oscar’s countless Best Picture nods. A commercial also let him enjoy the benefits of “Cialis for threeways.”

The Ashton Kutcher SNL show was the last one for two weeks, due to the Olympics taking over NBC soon. Thoughts on Ashton Kutcher on SNL? Check out video of Kutcher’s monologue below. It may or may not have you roaring with laughter. It did me.

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