TLC’s American Chopper Canceled!

February 6, 2010

American Chopper fans, we have some devastating news for you today. The TLC hit show has been canceled. Apparently the season finale will be this week and it will also mark the end of the series. Read more about TLC’s American Chopper cancellation here.

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The news that American Chopper has been canceled isn’t exactly news that surprised me too much. I mean, come on…have you seen the show? Have you seen the family fights? Yikes! The drama that infested among the Teutul family was disgusting but brought for great television and TLC knows that. (Just look at TLC’s recent history.) It’s all about the ratings, dahlings!

Along with the end of American Chopper being announced today, TLC also released a statement saying, “The Teutuls will always be a part of the Discovery family and we congratulate them on a tremendously successful series run.”

Now while you shouldn’t be so shocked that the show is done, for those of you who thought that drama between the family was just for television, you were wrong! Back in December 2009, it came about that Paul Teutul Senior brought on a lawsuit against his own son Paul over Orange County Choppers! According to many reports, the elder Teutul is seeking to buy his son’s shares in Orange County Choppers Holdings, Inc., along with over $1 million in damages. Sure, American Chopper did bring the family fame and fortune, but were these on camera arguments worth it, really? And while nothing lasts forever, this was kind of a sad way to go out. May you RIP TLC’s American Chopper.

So does this mean that even though the family is torn apart that perhaps one of the Teutul’s will get their very own show? And most importantly, would you watch it?

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One Response to “TLC’s American Chopper Canceled!”

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    Jimmie OBrien Says:

    Keep the show with Paul jr .Get rid of he father,he’s a real moron.He never knew why all his good guys left.Who did he think thought up all those bikes?The guy who designs all the bikes that made SR famous ,should never be sweeping the shop. Thanks for letting me coment, Jimmie