John Mayer and Taylor Swift Hook Up?

February 5, 2010

Rumors have been swirling lately about a possible John Mayer and Taylor Swift hook up and we’re starting to believe it. Sure the two musicians have worked together and have that mutual respect as artists for one another, but could there possibly be a romantic connection between the super stars? For Swift’s sake, we hope not. Read more about the rumored relationship here.

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Was there a John Mayer Taylor Swift hook up this week? Ok so earlier this week Hollywood Life reported that John Mayer and Taylor Swift are definitely an item. Now while we had a difficult time believing that Swift would actually fall for Mayer’s charm, we wouldn’t be surprised if John wooed her young mind into thinking she is the greatest thing since his Twitter cleanse.

Well now In Touch is reporting that John told a friend that he and Taylor hooked up when they were both in Nashville on January 24th. According to a source, the couple allegedly met up several times including at a recording studio where they got pretty damn cozy with one another. The source says, “She was sitting on John’s lap, her arms were around him, and she was talking in his ear. They were acting like teenagers.” So were they just making music together or…well, making “music” together? My question is, who is this “source”?

So anyways, not only were the two spotted going into the studio together but they also went out for dinner. A source is claiming that the two singers dined at the restaurant Cabana and then allegedly headed to The Hermitage Hotel where John had a suite. While both Mayer and Swift’s reps are denying these claims, the source is saying that “Taylor spent the night and enjoyed mid-morning room service before leaving his suite the next day.”

So did John Mayer and Taylor Swift hook up? We are hoping they didn’t, but for some reason I’m thinking Mayer’s mitts were entangled in Swift’s curls.

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