Noah Mills – Sex And The City 2 ‘Love Interest’

February 4, 2010

Noah MillsSex And The City 2 role is a hot item this week after it was announced that he will play Samantha’s boyfriend in the film. Learn more about him here, and see photos and video below.

Kim Cattrall

He will play an average Joe construction worker who apparently falls under the gaze of Samantha Jones. Reports state that he will be involved in at least two scenes, but only one will have a speaking role.

Hmmm… using a bit of deductive reasoning, any fan of the franchise is capable of putting two and two together: Sounds like some naughty time may be had between him and Samantha! I’ll bet Kim Cattrall doesn’t mind that one bit!

Noah Mills normally spends his time modeling for such outfits as Tom Ford, Docle & Gabbana, and Michael Kors, but he is using the spot in Sex And The City 2 as a chance to break into the film industry.

About his role, he said:

“It’s my first film, and there was a lot to prove. Every day was like, ‘I belong here!’ But it felt like they were all coming to set for the first time…”

One thing is obvious about Mills: he has no reservations about showing some skin. Many of his most popular shoots have been done in his birthday suit or close to it. He sounds like the perfect guy to throw into bed with Samantha.

So what about the real life Mills, would he ever date an older woman? He told the LA Times:

“You always have your suspicions, but I wouldn’t say I’d never do anything. If I met a woman, and she was older and I was into her, I’d go for it.”

So there you have it ladies, one of the highest ranked male models in the country (who is still single by the way), seems to be open to anything.

Will you be part of the madness on opening night?

Check out some photos of Noah Mills, Sex And The City 2 ‘love interest’ here, and see a video of him below.


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