Lily Allen Fashion Fail

February 3, 2010

Ok guys, we are back for this weeks fashion fail! And I do believe this is the worst yet. Lily Allen needs some serious help. Check out pictures and see what Joan and I had to say about this disastrous outfit.

lily allen 1 2 3

Lily Allen preformed at the big Day Out 2010 music festival in Australia last week and while I have heard nothing about her performance, I have heard about her…colorful outfits. Here is what Joan and I had to say about this week’s Fashion Fail.

Joan: Wow, where do we start
She looks like she was attacked by a mountain-lion while out getting the paper in her nighty

Jen: the fabric looks like some curtains gone wrong from the 80’s
maybe she didnt think people would pay attention to her singing

Joan:…it was an epic fail – the outfit is louder than the PA at her concert for sure

Jen: wasnt she supposed to “quit music” anyway?
do you think thats affecting her clothing budget and she had to resort to this?
poor thing maybe we should feel bad for her

Joan: I feel bad for the closet she hangs that thing in
if she laid on the ground at a casino she would disappear

Jen: lol, well maybe that is her plan – hopefully she had a plan for this out fit. that involved fire…
her outfit the next day wasnt much better. i think she is reusing 80s fabric for realz

Joan: …well we are in a recession after all

So readers what are your thoughts? Tell us in the comment section below. Have a fashion fail reccomendation? Email me at with the subject: Fashion Fail.

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