Fall Out Boy Breakup?

February 3, 2010

They have been dodging rumors of a split for months now. But the Fall Out Boy breakup rumors just may be true. There has been speculation that the rock band have been on the outs, but with a name like Fall Out Boy, could they be living up to their name by undergoing a permanent fall out? Read more here.

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Is a Fall Out Boy breakup imminent? Well while rumors of a split have been circulating for months, members Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump have both confirmed that the band is not together at this point in time, however they are not completely dunzo (or so they say).

On his personal blog Pete Wentz confirmed the uncertainty of Fallout Boy’s status blogging,

“i dont know the future of fall out boy. its embarrassing to say one thing and then have the future dictate another. as far as i know fall out boy is on break. (no one wants to say the “h” word). as much as i dont have a solo project, i also cant predict that id ever play in fall out boy again. not due to personal relationships as much as a band we grew apart. in this statement id like to include there is the possibility that fob will play again with out me or i will be a part of it when everyone is on the same page. it is no ones fault and there is no animosity about the decision. i felt as fans you deserve to know. there is no singular reason for this. the side projects or bands are supported by all members of the band. i am the single biggest fan of fob and if this is our legacy than so be it. i am proud of it.”

However, Patrick Stump told Spin.com, “I’m not in Fall Out Boy right now.”

So while it sounds as if the Fallout Boy breakup is amicable, it sure appears to me that they haven’t completed ruled out working with each other again in the future. Thoughts?

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Photos: Jeff Daly/Adriana M. Barraza/www.wenn.com

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