Mel Gibson Interview with Chicago WGN Reporter gets nasty (Video)

February 3, 2010

Mel Gibson may have had a rocky relationship with the media back in the day, but things in Gibson’s world have not changed. Read more about the Mel Gibson interview with Chicago WGN reporter that got nasty. And did I mention we have the video?

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is back in the media once again for an interview that had Mr. Gibson dropping an obscenity that was probably unnecessary! Little did Gibson know that what he said was caught on camera, but perhaps you may think that the Chicago WGN reporter was deserving of a big fat name-calling?

Chicago WGN reporter Dean Richards began interviewing Gibson by asking him if he feels he is a different or better person that he was four or five years ago. Sure Gibson had a lot of ups and downs over the past years but he insists that he is “the same person I always was except for people as they go time teaches you and you learn as you go.” Fine and dandy, right? Well, Richards may have pushed Gibson a tad too far when he dug a little deeper asking Gibson if he thinks the public perceive him any differently after all that has been in the news about him.

After trying to laugh the question off, Gibson asked, “What are you referring to specifically?” He then added, “That was almost 4 years ago dude. I’ve moved on, I guess you haven’t.”

In response to whether the public have moved on, Gibson said, “I certainly hope so. It is a while back. I’ve done all the necessary mea culpas, so let’s move on dude, come on.”

When the interview ended, Gibson ended up calling the reporter an “A-hole”.

Surely this particular interview was not supposed to be about Mel’s nasty past of boozing and his crazy rant from way back when. Home boy was out promoting a brand new flick. So, why oh why did this reporter feel the need to bring up the past? Was it really necessary? Just who do you think was in the wrong here? The Chicago WGN reporter or Mel Gibson. Interview video is below.

Mel Gibson Mel GibsonMel GibsonMel Gibson

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