Madonna dumped by Jesus?

February 2, 2010

They lasted a lot longer than I thought they would. But it appears now that Madonna and Jesus Luz may have called it quits. In more than a few reports we are hearing that Madonna was dumped by Jesus! Now if that isn’t a surprise! We thought Madge is in control of this one. Read more here.

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Was Madonna dumped by Jesus? Surprise, surprise! It just may have happened. Madonna and Jesus Luz may have parted ways and a source told the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper that Jesus Luz was the one who initiated the breakup! So why exactly would the young hottie want to end his relationship with the woman who has allegedly been helping him land fabulous modeling jobs and helping him earn notoriety in the modeling industry? The reasoning has to do with the 28-year age difference and their busy work schedules or so a source says.

The source told the paper, “It was not only totally amicable, but it was Luz who initiated the split.”

A friend of Madonna’s told a source, “The problem with Jesus is as simple as it is obvious. It’s the age difference. He’s 23. She’s 51. How long could it last? How it even lasted a year seems a miracle to a lot of people. He’s perfectly nice, a gentleman and very smart. But they are in such different places in their lives. They both benefited, but it’s pretty much over now. Or, as Madonna told me, “We’ve just run out of things to talk about. I mean, it’s really pushing it for us to have common ground these days. We have Kabbalah, but that’s about it.”‘

Yawn. Well, I saw this coming from the very start. It was just a matter of when a split would happen. But Madonna being dumped by Jesus? I don’t see that as happening. I’m thinking Madonna was very much in control of this relationship. Just sayin’.

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