Rip Torn – Rehab After Bizarre Arrest

February 1, 2010

Next stop for Rip Torn; rehab. The actor is headed to a rehabilitation facility after being arrested after hours inside a New England bank.

rip torn

In case you missed the story, I’ll catch you up: He was arrested last Friday in a strange series of events that seems more befitting of a movie. Police arrived on the scene at a bank in Salisbury, Connecticut to find the 79-year-old drunk and disoriented.

Torn was heavily intoxicated and was in possession of a loaded firearm. He was arrested and charged with burglary, trespassing and a weapons offense. His attorney, A. Thomas Waterfall stated that authorities didn’t allege that he made any threat of violence or that he drew is weapon:

“Clearly, there is no allegation he was brandishing a weapon in any manner, nor did he threaten anyone in any way.”

It also appeared that the actor thought he was at home, and made statements to police to reinforce that notion. He was released Monday on $100,000 bond.

I personally think a Rip Torn rehab stint may be just what he needs. After all, this isn’t the first time that he has been popped for in an alcohol related incident.

There have been no reports to suggest that he has lost control of his mental faculties, so it must have been the liquor! I guess he could have been there to contest some over the limit fees, but I’m pretty sure he has a pile of money to cover those. I tend to agree with his attorney who said Rip ‘obviously’ wasn’t trying to pull a caper.

One thing I haven’t been able to hunt down is whether or not he was ordered to the facility, or if it is part of his plan to beat the charges. We’ll have to see how all of this works out in court.

Do you think Rip Torn’s rehab trip will help?

Rip TornRip TornRip TornRip Torn

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