Cynthia Bettis-Ware is American Idol Stabbing Suspect

January 31, 2010

Cynthia Bettis-Ware is the suspect involved in a bloody incident that is being dubbed the ‘American Idol Stabbing.’ Get the details here, and see photos and video.

cynthia bettis ware

Well, folks, prepare for a surprise…it happened it Florida. I know, shocking, eh? Being that I’ve spent all but three of my 29 years in the sunshine state, I can vouch for how many wack-jobs we have here.

Here’s what happened:

The 52-year-old woman was apparently staying at the Empress Motel in St. Petersburg, FL with her boyfriend, 47-year-old Kevin Johnson. It sounds like Cynthia doesn’t play when it comes to Idol.

According to police reports, she and her BF began to have a dispute over something that happened during the broadcast. As it carried on, Kevin decided maybe it would be best to just change the channel. Rather than move on, she continued to push the issue. Knowing he couldn’t win, the man opted to go to bed. That’s when things got a bit out of hand.

He claims to have awoken to our American Idol stabbing suspect standing over him with a 10” butcher knife. A struggle ensued and Kevin ended up with five stab wounds in the back and two in the chest. During the melee, he was also scalded with a cup of hot chocolate.

After somehow wrestling the knife out of her hands he ran into the motel parking lot. Authorities say Bettis-Ware pursued him with yet another knife, only this time onlookers managed to keep her at bay until police arrived. Shortly thereafter she was arrested and charged with first-degree attempted murder. Johnson was taken to the hospital and is expected to fully recover from the alleged attack.

If this woman is convicted, I wonder if they’ll let her watch TV with the other inmates?

Check out some photos and video related to Cynthia Bettis-Ware, American Idol stabbing suspect below.

cynthia bettis ware


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