Caption This, Jersey Shore Fans!

February 2, 2010

Welcome to Right Celebrity’s new fun game, Caption This! How many times have you seen a Celebrity picture and wanted to give your two cents on it, well now is your chance. Every Tuesday a great new picture will be posted, then you, our Right Celebrity friends you will have up until Friday, when a winner will be announced, to leave a comment with your very own Caption for the photo. What do you win, well you get your name in print and the satisfaction of having the most creative caption of the week, fun right? Let us begin with the contest. Below you will find a picture of two of the Jersey Shore cast members Pauly D and Mike “The Situation”.

Pauly D   Mike The Situation

Let me get ball rolling here.

“Pauly D looks too cool for school as Mike “The Situation” wonders why the DJ always has to be stealing the spotlight from him.”


“Mike “The Situation” flashes his grin as he jumps in on Pauly D’s picture. Pauly D wonders when it will be ok for him to beat the crap out of Mike who totally just ruined his photog moment.”

Now it is your turn, and I am sure you can do way better than I did, so let me have it. Start sharing your Captions now, you can comment on the picture as many times as you want. Then don’t forget to check back on Friday to see who the winner is of the Caption This Pauly D and Mike “The Situation” photo.

Photos: Connor

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