Caressa Cameron: Miss America 2010! (Photos,Videos)

January 30, 2010

Meet Caressa Cameron, Miss America 2010! Miss Virginia took home the title beating out Kristy Cavinder Miss California. Read more about Caressa here and check out a full photo gallery along with video!

caressa cameron

Miss Virginia is the 2010 Miss America! Caressa Cameron completely rocked out all of the various parts of the competition: swimsuit, evening gown, talent, and interview.

So what do we know about Caressa? Well here is a brief biography. She is 22-year-old beauty queen who attends Virginia Commonwealth University. She is majoring in broadcast journalism and dreams of becoming an anchor. The way she presented herself tonight, we are sure that goal will not be hard to achieve. Not only is she absolutely stunning, as you can see from her pictures in the gallery below, but she is also eloquent and smart.

For her interview Cameron was asked to express her thoughts on fighting childhood obesity, to which she replied,

“We need to get our kids back outside, playing with sticks in the street like I did when I was little. Expand your mind, go outside and get to see what this world is like.”

Unfortunately we do not know Caressa’s birthday or her measurements, but judging from the swimsuit part of the competition, we bet she is near perfect. For the talent part of the contest she did a beautiful job singing Beyonce’s “Listen” from “Dreamgirls”. That is not an easy song to pull off!

So what was the prize for becoming Miss America? A $50,000 scholarship! That should surely help her achieve her dreams of becoming an anchor!

We have a list of the top five posted below, and you can find the full list of girls here. Miss California, Kristy Cavinder was the runner up taking home a $25,000 scholarship.

Top 5
• Miss Virginia, Caressa Cameron
• Miss California , Kristy Cavinder
• Miss Tennessee, Stefanie Wittler
• Miss Louisiana, Katherine Putnam
• Miss Kentucky, Mallory Ervin

So readers, check out the photos in the gallery below along with the videos and tell me what you think about Caressa Cameron, Miss America 2010 in the comment section below.

caressa cameroncaressa cameron caressa cameron 1caressa cameron 2caressa cameron 3caressa cameron 4caressa cameron 5caressa cameron 6miss america 2010miss america 2010 miss america 2010 1

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Photos: www.wenn.comJudy Eddy

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One Response to “Caressa Cameron: Miss America 2010! (Photos,Videos)”

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    Jessica Sluk Says:

    Let me just say, although Caressa seems sweet in front of people she is completely rude behind the scenes. I am in the Army and had the opportunity to be an escort for Caressa and her coach/assistant for a few days while she was going to be making an appearance at the Military Ball. When a fellow Soldier and I picked her up we were quite excited, being female and all with a ton of questions. We arrived to her hotel and were excited to finally meet her and much to our surprise she just gave us this look of annoyance and completely ignored us. She never introduced herself; instead she went up to the counter to complain about something-rather that she did not like about the hotel. We thought maybe she was in a bad mood about the hotel, but figured we could cheer her up on the way to the next location; we were WRONG. Caressa practically refused to speak with us. We would ask her a question and she would sit there quietly and then her assistant would answer for her, and also make excuses as to why she didn’t want to acknowledge our existence. We basically had to speak through her assistant everywhere we went. Things only got worse as time proceeded. Everyday passed and she still didn’t talk to us. She was quite rude. Also, she would get out of the car and expect us to open and close her door and get her huge-ammount of luggage out of the vehicle for her. I was SO PISSED!!! I’M AN ARMY SOLDIER, NOT THIS ARROGANT GIRL’S PERSONAL ASSISTANT! I have to say to people that see her as such a “doll,” she is not! She is very rude to people, and especially her poor assistant. I felt so bad for her assistant. She had to constantly be around this dead-beat representing the “Miss America” title. It’s a shame people only see her fake smile. When she is behind the doors that smile comes off and she is nothing but a narcissist.

    Miss American Soldier Jessica!