Kimmie Caracoles is West Coast Choppers Model

January 29, 2010

Meet Kimmie Caracoles. She is West Coast Choppers model. Apparently, she is not just a pin-up girl, but a virtual dating service, too? Find out more revealing details and see photos and a video here.

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This may be another incentive to find Jesse James’ lost puppy since you can score a date with model, Kimmie Caracoles.

As a biography, not much is known about Kimmie Caracoles. She is a pin-up girl and a lingerie model for West Coast Choppers.

Reportedly, Jesse James lost his dog on Tuesday near Long Beach, California. Apparently, Jesse James has hired professional dog searchers, FindToto, to hopefully, find his nine-month old pitbull puppy named Cinnabun.

James’ noted via his Twitter and tweeted, “Recent sighting on Cinnabun! As early as 2 hours ago she was sighted near the 405 fwy and Seal Beach Blvd. Alerts are going out now, please.”

Not only is there a $20,000 reward for the safe return of the puppy offered by James, but now a West Coast Choppers model has offered her own reward to find Cinnabun. Kimmie Caracoles took to her Twitter account and tweeted this, “find cinnabun and win a date with beautiful me!!! and you know what that means…..(i’ll probably let you touch my boob).” She says she will go on a date with whoever finds the long lost puppy.

Cinnabun is said to be in and around the Long Beach area and if you see her, you are encouraged to call 592-983-6666. Hopefully, Kimmie will not make you use your $20,000 reward money to take her out on a date!

This isn’t the first time that a celebrity has had an animal go unleashed, Jessica Simpson’s beloved maltipoo went missing when a coyote snatched the puppy and she used FindToto to help her in her search which the poor pooch was believed to be deceased.

Tell us what you think about Kimmie Caracoles offer and leave your thoughts about the West Coast Choppers model in the comment box. Also, see pictures and a film right here.

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