Michael Lohan Arrested Again

January 29, 2010

Lindsay Lohan’s daddy seems to like being a bad boy. I’m starting to believe Papa Lohan may just enjoy handcuffs a tad too much. Or either that, his cell phone. Michael Lohan arrested again? You bet your booties! You may or may not be surprised why Papa Lohan was arrested. Read more about Lohan’s arrest here.

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So just why did Michael Lohan get himself arrested again? Well geez, what is this the 29293th time now? Wouldn’t it be just a tad easier if the jail saved a cell just for Papa Lohan? I’m thinking so. Well, anyhow the reason behind the big fat arrest comes as a result of a violation of a restraining order against him. His ex girlfriend Erin Mueller is claiming that Mike called Erin at work.

Mmhmm. Why does this sound all too familiar? Michael was arrested back in December for the exact same thing. I’m thinking it may be time to keep a phone out of Lohan’s dirty paws. According to Erin’s attorney Bryan Konoski and TMZ.com, Lindsay Lohan’s father allegedly called Erin at work on January 21. The Nassau County Police Department is saying that Michael was arrested today and booked for criminal contempt.

Of course this time around Lohan is claiming he didn’t do anything wrong. He said, “Erin lied and pressed charges. She is being arrested again in New York City and Nassau County 2nd Precinct. Erin said I called her but she lied because she heard I was in Costa Rica instead. I have proof and she doesn’t. Her lawyer asked for money to drop the charges. How is it that I have proof and she doesn’t?”

Mike is due in court on February 25. Our advice to Michael? Stay off the cell phone, dahling!

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