Perez Hilton, American Idol Judge?

January 28, 2010

Now that we have heard that Simon Cowell is throwing in the towel on his position as a judge on American Idol, rumors have been swirling of numerous replacements. While many would love the job (and the big dolla dolla bills), it is a matter of who would fit the job and entertain an audience. Well, my friends, Perez Hilton thinks he should have the job as an American Idol judge. Go figure. Read more here.

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Perez Hilton already has the title of most hated, so it would only seem natural that he would want to continue his life as being despised but an American Idol judge? Ummm, I’m sorry to say it but I’m thinking FOX would be making a big fat mistake if they even considered Perez as a judge. Just sayin’. However, Perez thinks he would be a perfect choice. Check out what he says below.

Perez Hilton told MTV News, “I think that Simon Cowell leaving ‘American Idol’ is amazing, because those are two potential jobs that I may have in the future. If they’re looking for a new judge on ‘American Idol,’ I am available. I haven’t asked Simon Fuller, who created the show, but maybe I should. I’d be a great judge. But I’d also happily be a judge along with Simon Cowell on his U.S. version of ‘X Factor.’ Basically, I’m shamelessly looking for work. I’m available. And I’m cheap!”

So what does Perez think about X Factor making its way into the United States? He said, “I think ‘X Factor’ will be successful in America, because Simon Cowell has the golden touch. He is lucky, insanely rich, super smart, and I hate his guts. I’m kidding. I admire anyone who works for it. Simon Cowell works for it … he’s worked so hard to get where he is now, he executive-produces his shows, he has a music label, and I think I’ve seen some reports that he’s worth a billion dollars. Did I mention he was insanely rich?”

So what would you think of Perez Hilton as an American Idol Judge? Yay or big fat nay? Or who do you think would make a good replacement judge for Simon Cowell’s position?

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