Amber Rose Fashion Fail!

January 27, 2010

This week’s Fashion Fail: Amber Rose at Paris Fashion week. Check out pictures and video and leave us your thoughts here!

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Joan and I had a nice little chat about this week’s Right Celebrity Fashion Fail. Amber Rose wore this ridiculous shark suit looking thing to Paris Fashion week – to a Chanel show of all places. I am all for original style, but she just looks like a walking Oscar award. Check out the chat between Joan and I below.

Amber Rose Fashion Fail
Jen: Ok Joan so what do you think about Amber Rose’s shark suit outfit? She wore it to Paris Fashion week of all places

Joan: Well, where do I start…she kind of looks like a knight in chain mail from Monty Python’s Search For The Holy Grail

Jen: She likes extremes, she went from half naked to covered from head to toe

Joan: Well, we know Kanye couldn’t sport something like that with a noggin that big. It reminds me of a motion sensor suit you wear to be digitized for a video game

Joan: She probably wears that so she doesn’t have to listen to Kanye’s rants

Jen: LOL, it does block her ears. She definitely stands out. She clearly likes attention.

Joan: Also, she is protected when she is standing with Kanye and Taylor Swift fans throw stuff at them

Okay readers, time to hear your thoughts! Leave em’ in the comment section below. Fashion Fail or does Amber look hot?

This is a new thing we are doing here at Right Celebrity. Look for the weekly Fashion Fail every Wednesday. Have a pic you want to submit? Send it to with the subject “Fashion Fail”. We look forward to hearing your thoughts! Check out more of Amber Rose’s Fashion Week outfits here.

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One Response to “Amber Rose Fashion Fail!”

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    aiche Says:

    Hey, I think it makes her bum look pretty good –though the headpiece is definitely missing something. Maybe a flowerpot.