Hutton Gibson is Mel Gibson’s Father

January 27, 2010

Hutton Gibson, actor Mel Gibson’s father, is now being criticized for expressing some controversial opinions. Read his shocking quotes here, and see photos and video.

Mel Gibson

Most of us as are all too familiar with the comments Mel allegedly made after being pulled over and cited for speeding a few years back. You know the whole ‘Jews are responsible for all of the wars in the world’ thing. He has since spent a great deal of time rationalizing and / or trying to back peddle following the ensuing public outrage.

It sounds like good ‘ole dad enjoys a nice anti-Semitic rant himself. Hutton Gibson, a known Holocaust denier, even managed to one-up his son Mel’s alleged comments.

Reports state that he allegedly rambled on during a radio show called ‘The Political Cesspool” earlier this month, where he directed some additional hate toward homosexuals and Catholicism. (Although Hutton is a Catholic, he apparently denounces its mainstream power structure).

According to ShowBiz 411, he “went after the late Pope John Paul II for visiting the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, for being a Russian or Communist agent…”

Nauseous yet? Here’s his take on the Catholic establishment:

“The whole bunch at the top…if they’re not outright queer, they’re supportive of it. They do nothing about the terrible things that go on among the clergy and the bishops.”

I am a major supporter of our First Amendment right to free speech, and take comfort in the fact that most rational people write off these sort of views as ‘extremist.’

What is a little troubling is that Mel has put a great deal of money into his own brand of Catholicism. He has reportedly invested nearly $50 million in the A. P. Reilly Foundation, and a private church called the ‘Holy Family Church.’ We can only hope that the firebrand views allegedly expressed by him and his father won’t be indoctrinated into the flock.

How do the reports about Hutton Gibson, Mel Gibson’s father, make you feel? It is interesting to note that the younger Gibson was a part of the ‘Hope For Haiti Now’ event as a celebrity phone operator.

Check out a great video related to the controversy below.

Mel Gibson Mel Gibson Mel Gibson Mel Gibson Mel Gibson

Photos: Nelson/HRC

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4 Responses to “Hutton Gibson is Mel Gibson’s Father”

  1. 1
    Herman King Says:

    It is taboo in America to criticize jews.

  2. 2
    brandi Says:

    How about just not be an idiot?

  3. 3
    david Says:

    Sadly,the germans didnt have the market for anti semitism cornered.

  4. 4
    vincent bach Says:

    Considerably, the report is truly the freshest on this notable subject. I concur together with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your next updates.I will immediately grab your rss feed to stay abreast of any updates.