Tiger Woods Car Crash Update: New Details Emerge!

January 25, 2010

We’ve got a Tiger Woods car crash update! New details have been revealed online about just what precipitated the dramatic events that left the country stunned.

Tiger WoodsRachel Uchitel

Following his and Elin’s alleged kerfuffle, reports seemed to indicate that it was over text messages from the now infamous Rachel Uchitel. But if you believe the latest reports, it was much juicier than that!

The Daily Beast apparently received inside information from two of Nordegren’s ‘acquaintances.’ They offered a very different perspective on what may have led to the melee.

Here’s how the newly rendered version of the night goes, according to the alleged acquaintances:

It all began when Elin sent text messages to Uchitel pretending to be Tiger. Once she got a response, she reportedly called alleged mistress #1 directly. Elin then began throwing a fit, which woke Tiger up out of an Ambien induced haze. Not long after he woke, the golfer apparently sent a text message to Uchitel himself, which his wife found. This prompted her to ‘chase him out of the house.’

Man that’s good stuff, but it is still unclear how he ended up with a laceration on his face. If you remember, the police reports did not indicate that any blood was found on the inside of the car. Also, there is no mention of a golf club swinging Nordegren—who claimed she was trying to help free him from the wreckage with one of her hubby’s clubs.

Those are the two elements of the story that I am the most interested in. It would be priceless to imagine a scenario where she clawed his face, then chased him out of the house with a golf club, smashing it into his car. You can’t write this stuff, folks.

What do you think actually happened?

See below for photos and video related to the Tiger Woods car crash update.

Tiger WoodsRachel UchitelElin Nordegren

Photos: www.wenn.com/JDH/JCP/PNP

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One Response to “Tiger Woods Car Crash Update: New Details Emerge!”

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    Carmen Says:

    Tiger Woods does not deserve a good, decent wife like Elin Nordegren or his beautiful children. He is shameless and has no moral principles. He has deceived, betrayed and humiliated his family in front of the world. Elin should receive no less than half of Tiger’s fortune since he earned millions from sponsors and fans projecting a false image of integrity as a devoted husband and family man. Elin Nordegren is young and beautiful and someday she will find a good and decent man that will love and respect her and the children. A man that can be a better role model for the children than Tiger Woods.