Vienna Girardi is “The Bachelor” Contestant

January 25, 2010

Bombshell! Meet Vienna Girardi. She is “The Bachelor” contestant who is competing to win the heart of Jake Pavelka. Find out more suspicious details and see photos and a video here.

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Does she deserve to be in the next rose ceremony? If she doesn’t, I will accept this rose!

As a biography, Vienna Girardi is 23 years old and originally from Geneva, Florida but currently resides in Sandford, Florida. She is a Marketing Representative. She is most-known as a contestant on ABC’s Season 14, “The Bachelor” with Jake Pavelka.

Reportedly, “The Bachelor” contestant could possibly not be all who she says she is, for those of you who have been watching this season, maybe you could shed some light on the situation. Sources are saying that Girardi has allegedly been dating her on-again, off-again boyfriend for years, even on Jake Pavelka’s watch!

Talk about drama! But that’s not all. An unknown source said that Vienna apparently told her alleged boyfriend “she was going to the bachelor so she can be on TV and to wait for her,” also claiming that they were supposedly together the night prior to her departure for the show. Well I sure hope Jake can see through her, he is way too good for disappointment!

Let’s keep it real, ladies! Earlier this season, 28-year old contestant, Rozlyn Papa, was allegedly involved in an “inappropriate relationship” with senior producer, Ryan Callahan. Even though she denied the allegations, she did say, “I had a relationship with someone on the show that didn’t benefit them. We remained really close but we are not dating now.”

Papa even went as far to say this about Jake and the show, “This is a TV show and it’s made for entertainment, but it is a far cry from reality. I know that things on television weren’t always as they seemed, but I had no idea the extent of the show manipulation.” Ok, so apparently she was all in it for publicity, too? Well she definitely managed that, well!

Jake, all I can say is make sure you dig deep! Really tear their hearts and souls open and find out their true selves. You will not want to miss tonight’s episode on ABC 8/7c. See you there! Leave us your thoughts on “The Bachelor” contestant, Vienna Girardi, as well as your favorite candidates in the comment box. See pictures and film right here.

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